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Faculty Development Cell

Sri Krishna Degree College believes that it is important to provide faculty the opportunity to constantly upgrade their knowledge and also to maintain high levels of motivation among the staff. Faculty Development Cell regularly organizes programs and workshops on research methodology and techniques, new developments in concerned disciplines and on teaching methodology. It encourages faculty to take up research and facilitates their participation in national and international academic programs.


Dr. Usha Kumari N


Ms. Sushmitha
Prof in Computer Science

Faculty List

PG Faculty

Name Qualification Experience Designation
Prof. M Venugopal M.A. Economics 40 Year PG Director
Mr. Srikanth Rajath K G M.B.A.,M.Phil, Ph.D 15Yrs M.Com. Coordinator
Mr. Badrinath B.E., M.B.A., Ph.D 17Yrs M.B.A. Coordinator
Mr. Ravikiran M.B.A.(HR), L.L.B. 25Yrs Visiting Faculty
Ms. Ramya M.B.A.(HR) 10Yrs Visiting Faculty
Ms. Devi M.Com. 6Yrs Visiting Faculty
Mr. Darshan M.Com. 5Yrs Visiting Faculty

UG Faculty

Name Qualification Experience Designation
Mr. S P Manohar M.E., M.B.A. 40 Year Academic Director
Dr. Usha Kumari N M.A., PhD, NET 24 Year Principal
Ms. Vanishree K L M.A. 12 Year Head of Sanskrit Department
Dr. Shyalaja M.A., PhD 26 Year Head of Hindi Department
Mr. Anil Kumar M.A., NET 18 Year Prof in Kannada
Ms. Kavitha Venugopal M.A., MPhil 17 Year Prof in English
Mr. Ravi N M.Com., M.Phil, M.B.A. 11 Year Head of Commerce Department
Ms. Deepa K M.Com, M.B.A., M.Phil, (PhD) 11 Year Head of B.B.A. Department
Dr. Manjula Prasad M.C.A., M.Tech, PhD 12 Year Head of B.C.A. Department
Ms. Sudha S M.B.A., (M.Com) 6 Year Asst. Prof. in Commerce & Management
Ms. Sushmitha R M.S.C., M.Phil 12 Year Prof in Computer Science
Ms. Vinutha K M.Com. 5 Year Asst. Prof. in Commerce & Management
Ms. Divya D N M.Tech 2 Year Asst. Prof. in Computer Science
Ms. Suma S M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil, CA-Inter 10 Year Asso. Prof. in Commerce & Management
Ms. Sowmya T K M.Com. 13 Year Prof in Commerce & Management
Ms. Madhushree N M.Com., M.B.A. 1.5 Year Asst. Prof in Commerce & Management
Ms. Anusha Sangondimath M.B.A., SLET 4 Year Asst. Prof in Commerce & Management
Ms. Niveditha P M.C.A. 1 YEAR Asst. Prof in Computer Science
Mr. Rajashekar K M M.Com., (BEd) 3 Year Asst. Prof in Commerce & Management
Ms. Chandrakala V M.Com. 1 Year Asst. Prof in Commerce & Management
Mr. Santhosh M S MPEd, SLET, (PhD) 4 Year Physical Education Director
Mr. Rama Krishna Naidu M.A. 28 Year Prof in Telugu
Mr. Umesh M.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil 14 Year Librarian

Part Time Faculty

Name Qualification Experience Designation
Dr. S Usha Ramesh M.S.C., PhD 20 Year Professor
Mr. Avinash R P M.A. 5 Year Asst.Professor
Ms. Madhuri Dixit M.Com.,(BEd) 4 Year Asst.Professor
Ms. Veena M.Com 10 Year Associate Professor
Ms. Madhuri Kiran M.A. 10 Year Asst.Professor

Administration Staff

Names Qualification Designation
Mr. Kempe Gowda K B.A. Office Superintendent
Mr. Moula Ali M B.Com. Office Assistant
Ms. Deepa Shree K N B.S.C-Cs Accountant
Mr. Pavan R B.Com. Accounts assistant


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