Sri Krishna Degree College


At SKDC we provide the students with application-oriented knowledge to enable deserving students of the institution to get competitive placements.

Career Guidance and Placement cell

" We Shape Those Who Shape The World "

Sri Krishna Degree College offers a large pool of talent to recruit from, with a wide range of courses and specializations at UG levels. The Training and Placement Cell of the College has an integral role in the recruitment, and the Cell is provided with complete infrastructure support. Training programmes are organized throughout the year to prepare students to face the recruitment process. Students are also guided in improving skills to meet industry needs. Training and Placement organizes programmes in personality development, interpersonal and communication skills, career planning and career mapping, group discussions and mock interview.  It works through a close knot organization and has a structure which conveys information to the students at the fastest possible rate. This institution aims to create a corporate friendly atmosphere in the college campus and to train & prepare the students, to face the rigors of professional world.

Placement Officer

Deepa K

Our college attracts some of the best names in the industry who know the quality of human resource that we create.

Our alumni who are working in these organizations also assist us in the placement process. A Placement Officer assisted by her team and student coordinators works in tandem with the faculty to help our students to develop their productivity and employability.


  • Assists students develop/clarify their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counselling and group sessions.
  • Assist students in their successful job search strategies.
  • Work with faculty members, department Heads and administration to integrate career planning.
  • Assists employers to achieve their hiring goals.
  • Serve the community by providing access to our campus wide activities & career resources.
  • Empower students with life-long career decision-making skills.
  • Provide resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process.
  • Act as a link between students, alumni and the employment community.
  • Up grading the students communication skills and personality development by inviting experts from outside for seminars/classes.
  • Assists students in obtaining final placement in reputed companies

Our Recruiters


Sl No Student Name Course Company Name
1 Bindu B.Com. EY(Ernst & Young)
2 Pavanika B.B.A. Infocon International Limited
3 Archana D B.Com. Infocon International Limited
4 Annapoorna B.Com. Infocon International Limited
5 Harish B.Com. Infocon International Limited
6 Ajay R Rajath B.B.A. Infocon International Limited
7 Amir B.C.A. Infocon International Limited
8 Archana D B.Com. Capgemini
9 MANJUSHREE B.Com. Capgemini
10 Harish P B.Com. Capgemini
11 Deepika R B.Com. Capgemini
12 Madhegowda S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
13 C. Neelam Kumari B.Com. Garuda Maruti
14 Shariff S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
15 Manasa.S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
16 Sahana L Udupa B.Com. Garuda Maruti
17 Shwetha kumari M B.Com. Garuda Maruti
18 Gagana L B.Com. Garuda Maruti
19 Harshitha V T B.Com. Garuda Maruti
20 Vinitha Mary R B.Com. Garuda Maruti
21 Sonia J B.Com. Garuda Maruti
22 Ramya M B.Com. Garuda Maruti
23 Manasa H N B.Com. Garuda Maruti
24 Dileep R B.Com. Garuda Maruti
25 Pooja V B.Com. Garuda Maruti
26 Harshitha J G B.Com. Garuda Maruti
27 Ramya K B.Com. Garuda Maruti
28 Vinay G B.Com. Garuda Maruti
29 Girish Kumar S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
30 Shalini T B.Com. Garuda Maruti
31 Akshatha R B.Com. Garuda Maruti
32 Nishmitha V B.B.A. Garuda Maruti
33 Giridhar B B.Com. Garuda Maruti
34 Shivaranjini S B.B.A. Garuda Maruti
35 Sahana N B.Com. Garuda Maruti
36 Rahul N B.Com. Garuda Maruti
37 Manjunath R B.Com. Garuda Maruti
38 Harish B.Com. Accentures
39 Kumar S B.Com. Accentures
Sl No Student Name Course Company Name
1 Prakhyat Bhardwaj B.Com. IBM
2 Abhishek B P B.Com. Accenture
3 Kareena B.B.A. Infosys
4 Devendra B.B.A. Infosys
5 Nikhila B.B.A. Infosys
6 Darshan B.B.A. Accenture
7 Manjunath Reddy B.B.A. Nijacart
8 Hemanth B.B.A. Nijacart
9 Uma Maheshwari B.Com. Nijacart
10 Bindu B.Com. Bangalore Education Centre
11 Kavya Bai B.Com. Bangalore Education Centre
12 Navya B.Com. Accenture
13 Goutham R B.Com. Garuda Maruti
14 Chethan S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
15 Harsha S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
16 Pramod B B.Com. Garuda Maruti
17 Vinod B B.Com. Garuda Maruti
18 Shruthi M T B.Com. Garuda Maruti
19 Uma Maheshwari S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
20 Yogesh S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
21 Ganesh V J B.Com. Garuda Maruti
22 Kavya Bai G B.Com. Garuda Maruti
23 Monica B S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
24 Govind Kumar D B.Com. Garuda Maruti
25 Shiva Shankar B.Com. Garuda Maruti
26 Jayanth N Ural B.Com. Garuda Maruti
27 Harsha S B.Com. Garuda Maruti
28 Sushmitha H S Rao B.Com. Garuda Maruti
29 Kavitha N B.Com. Garuda Maruti
Sl No Student Name Course Company Name
1 Divya C B.Com. Tata Consultancy Services
2 Sravani C S B.Com. Tata Consultancy Services
3 Chetana M D B.Com. Tata Consultancy Services
4 Pradeep S P B.Com. Tata Consultancy Services
5 Tejaswini P B.B.M. Tata Consultancy Services
6 Madhushree M B.B.M. Tata Consultancy Services
7 Manoj C S B.B.M. Tata Consultancy Services
8 Harika K B.C.A. Wipro Ltd
9 Rashmi M B.C.A. Wipro Ltd
10 Kiran P C B.C.A. UNISYS
11 Sowmya P 2015-16 Infosys Ltd
12 Suma S Poojari B.Com. Infosys Ltd
13 Chandra Kumar B.Com. Infosys Ltd
14 Chandrika A B.Com. Infosys Ltd
15 Shilpa S B.Com. Infosys Ltd
16 Shwetha A B B.Com. Infosys Ltd
17 Shankar G B.Com. Infosys Ltd
18 PradeepKumar G B.Com. Infosys Ltd
19 Goutam K S B.Com. Infosys Ltd
20 Tejaswini P B.B.M. Infosys Ltd
21 Mittapalli Haribabu B.B.M. Infosys Ltd
22 Keerthi Kumar P B.C.A. Infosys Ltd
23 Shilpa S B.Com. ICICI
24 Sowmya N B.Com. ICICI
25 Shankar G B.Com. ICICI
26 Tejaswini P B.Com. Capgemini
27 Shruthi R B.Com. Capgemini
28 Divya C 2015-16 Capgemini
29 Komala P B.Com. Capgemini
30 Santhosh D B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
31 Pradeep Kumar G B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
32 Deep Kumar H S B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
33 Shiva Sudhir M B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
34 Prithvi Raj N K B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
35 Ullas S B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
36 Prithvi Raj N K B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
37 Shiva V B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
38 Sharan Kumar B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
39 Yashas B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
40 Sanjay R B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
41 Chandra Kumar M B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
42 Chetana M D B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
43 Renita Castelino B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
44 Supriya B S B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
45 Sravani C S B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
46 Suma S Poojari B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
47 Shankar G B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
48 Oshan C B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
49 SaiAkhil A B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
50 SathyaPrasad V B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
51 Jayanth K B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
52 Jayanth K B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
53 Devi Prasad B B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
54 Jayanth K B.B.M. Muthoot Finance Ltd
55 Madhusudhan R B.B.M. Muthoot Finance Ltd
56 Mittapalli Haribabu B.B.M. Muthoot Finance Ltd
57 Ajay H G B.B.M. Muthoot Finance Ltd
58 Monish A B.B.M. Muthoot Finance Ltd
59 Santhosh D B.Com. Eureka Forbes
60 Manjula G B.Com. Eureka Forbes
61 Nayana H N B.Com. Eureka Forbes
62 Komala P B.Com. Eureka Forbes
63 Sri Lakshmi S B.Com. Eureka Forbes
64 Renita Castelino B.Com. Eureka Forbes
65 Kempegowda B.Com. Eureka Forbes
66 Deep Kumar H S B.Com. Eureka Forbes
67 Lavanya M B.Com. Eureka Forbes
68 Asha N B.Com. Eureka Forbes
69 Amulya Sai S B.Com. Eureka Forbes
70 Manoghna P N B.Com. Muthoot Finance Ltd
71 Hemalatha M B.Com. Eureka Forbes
72 Chaya R B.Com. Eureka Forbes
73 Divya C B.Com. Eureka Forbes
74 Tejaswini P B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
75 Manoj C S B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
76 Naveen Kumar B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
77 Ajay H G B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
78 Meghana E B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
79 Chandrika B K B.B.M. Eureka Forbes
80 Bindhu G B.Com. Eureka Forbes


SKDC offers the most trending courses to prepare students for the industry.