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Academic journals serve as permanent and transparent forums for the presentation, scrutiny, and discussion of research.


International Conference and Journal bearing ISBN and ISSN numbers at Sri Krishna Degree College.

The aim of conducting International Conference every year is to bring all the research domains together on a single platform. This conference will bring the research communities of different areas together at one place to share their researches and ideas. Also the purpose of this conference is to implement the researches of one field into another to bring out the best applications of these researches.

1st National Conference 2022

National Conference on " Quality Assurance and its Impact on Higher Education Institutions in India”-An IQAC Initiative on Wednesday, 29th Dec 2021

1st International Conference 2019

International Conference held on "April-June 2019", A Quarterly Refereed / Peer Reviewed International Journal

1st International Conference 2014

International conference on "Achieving Sustainable Global Economy" bearing ISBN-978-93-5156-314-3 was held on 7th March 2014

2nd International Conference 2015

International conference on "Strategies for Sustainable Global Economy" bearing ISBN: 978-93-5212-226-4 was held on 9th March 2015

3rd International Conference 2016

International conference on "Innovation Management in the Knowledge Driven Economy" bearing ISBN: 978-93-5258-833-6 was held on 31st March 2016

Kannada National Conference on Dasa Sahitya

National Kannada Conference on "Dasa Sahithya Chintana Manthana" bearing ISBN :978-93-85061-34-9 was held on 31st March 2016

4th International Conference 2017-18

International conference on "Innovations Management in Commerce, Management, Social science and technology" bearing ISSN:2348-9405(Print) ISSN: 2348-9413(Online) was held on 5th April 2018


Magazines provide a forum for students and faculty to express their views and insights on subject-related and general topics. They are also an important means of cataloguing and publicizing college activities and achievements.

MIND MARATHON -BBA Department Mind Marathon Annual E-Magazine.

Mind Marathon Vol-1 2020-21


Mind Marathon Vol-2 2019-20


Mind Marathon Vol-3 2018-19


DEEVIGE - An annual magazine by the Sri Krishna Degree College covered news regarding all the activities conducted every year.

Deevige Magazine 2019-2020


Deevige Magazine 2018-2019


Deevige Magazine 2015


Deevige Magazine 2013

Deevige Magazine 2012


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