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Adoption of Government Schools

Sri Krishna Group of Educational Institutions Social Initiative Adoption of Government Schools Partnered with the Government of Karnataka on 24/11/2020

Sri Krishna Group of Institutions has partnered with the Government of Karnataka to upgrade and add value to the knowledge domain at the Primary and Secondary education. As a part of this project, Sri Krishna Group of Institutions has adopted 5 Government Primary and Secondary Schools of Bengaluru South and will work closely with the Government and aid in the transformation and up gradation of these schools.

Under the Government of Karnataka School Adoption Scheme Sri Krishna Group of Institutions adopted following Government Schools in Bengaluru south.

  • Government Higher Primary School, Kathriguppe
  • Government Higher Primary School, Kadirenahalli
  • Government Higher Primary School, Channasandra
  • Government Higher Primary School, Arehalli
  • Government Higher Primary School, Bangarappanagara

Objective of Collaboration

The primary objective of this collaboration is to improve the overall education quality in the Schools by providing requisite upgrades to the infrastructure of these schools, impart quality training for students and teachers and ensure certain services are available for the benefit of students from time to time.

Sri Krishna Group of Institutions will impart teacher training sessions in both personality development and pedagogy.

Introduce co-curricular activities along with academic inputs with an endeavour to improve quality of academics, attendance of students, and satisfaction of the parents and bring about tangible improvement in the student academic scores.

Extend IT support wherever required

To transform these chain of chain Government Schools as Model Schools in the days to come


Strong Infrastructure facilities and good school environment make their study more joyful and smooth for students. They have equal opportunity to compete with mainstream population. They get taught in better manner instead of earlier options where they were fulfilling only formalities. Education is not about passing the classes one by one, it is about the process through which we convert young minds in citizens of tomorrow, who are capable to shoulder the responsibility of the nation. Through this phase we can make the education a joyful and easy process for poor children and provide them all necessary facilities.

Photos of School Before and after adoption.

Government Higher Primary School, Kathriguppe, Bangalore.


Government Higher Primary School, Kadirenahalli, Bangalore


Government Higher Primary School, Channasandra, Bangalore.


Government Higher Primary School, Arehalli, Bangalore.


Government Higher Primary School, Bangarappanagara, Bangalore.


Appreciation Letter by Adopted Government schools to Institution


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