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Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.

Faculty Profile

Department of Physical Education


Talent Identification, full fill the basic & impartment needs of the subject to reach the goal.


Through the Physical Education program students will understand wellness, health and fitness with the end result being a lifestyle embracing physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

Our Students practice outdoor games at Channammakere Achukattu playground located in Banashakari 3rd stage.

Sports students are provided with Multi-gym and various single station units.

Multi-purpose modern indoor sports room with all facilities and playing surface is provided. For example: Throw ball, Volley ball, Badminton, Table tennis, Carrom, Chess and Yoga.

Throw Ball


Volley Ball


Shuttle Badminton





Intramural Extramural
Boys Girls Events / Games
Athletics Athletics Athletics (boys & girls)
Badminton Badminton Badminton (boys & girls)
Carom Carom Carom (boys & girls)
Chess Chess Cricket
Cricket Table Tennis Foot Ball(Boys)
Football Throw Ball Kabaddi(Boys)
Kabaddi Yoga TenniKoit(Girls)
Table Tennis Best Physique
Volley Ball Tennikoit Volley Ball (Boys Girls)
Yoga Yoga (Boys & Girls)
karate karate
International National Level, All India Level and State Level

Student's who participated in various sports in National, State and District level

Name Branch Description
Ajay S B.B.A. 1st prize kumite jain university karate championship(2017)
3rd prize kumite akhila Karnataka sports association (2016)
1st prize kata National championship (2016)
1st prize kumite National championship (2016)
1st prize kumite in Mysore Dhasara Mahothsava (2016)
2nd prize kumite Students Olympic National games(2016)
3rd prize kumite okinaven shotakaan karate championship (2016)
1st prize kumite Shitorio 1st national karate championship (2016)
2nd prize kumite national karate championship (2016)
1st prize kumite Shitotiyo open karate championship (2015 jan 4th)
1st prize kumite shoto khan karate championship (2015 jan 8th )
1st prize kumite in 1st Karnataka state level school selection (2015)
1st prize kumite shitorio open karate championship (2015)
3rd prize kumite district open karate championship (2015)
Sree Vaishnavi B.B.A. Silver medal in karate – National junior poomsae taekwondo championship(2017)
Competitor in junior state level poomsae taekwondo championship(2017)
Silver medal in state level poomsae taekwondo championship(2017)
Gold medal in state level poomsae taekwondo championship(2017)
Competitor in National junior poomsae taekwondo championship(2016)
Bronze medal in State lever junior and senior poomsae taekwondo championship(2016)
Silver medal in 6th state level sub junior and cadet poomsae taekwondo championship(2015)
Bronze medal in district level taekwondo championship (2012)
Sumukh S Bronze medal in state level high jump championship
Competitor in national level high jump championship
Srinivas B.C.A. 2nd place in throw ball State level-Bellary(2016)
Represented Bellary in state level short put championship and won 2nd place(2017)
Ravi B.C.A. District level shuttle badminton – 2nd place(2015)
District level short put – 3rd place (2016)
Shweta B.Com. National level yoga championship – second place(2017)
Competitor in National level yoga championship(2017)
District level - First place in yoga(2017)
District level - Second place in yoga(2018)
Yuvaraj B.Com. 2nd place in State level throw ball tournament (2018)
Punith B.C.A. Participated in the National cricket championship be held at Dwarak New Delhi from 9th to 16th January 2015.
Manjunath B S B.B.A. Represented in the Division V league tournament KSCA group-1, 2016-2017

Annual Athletics Meet 2017-2018

The event was inaugurated by the well-known L A Ravi Subramanian Legislative Assembly for Basavanagudi Constituency Bangalore

Chief Guest Prof. Srinivas, Professor UCPE Bangalore University

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Winners of the Athletic meet 2017-2018 Boys and Girls

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